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Motion + Sound Design

"Modulife" is the result of a self-initated and developed study project, dealing with the link between how a certain room atmosphere can have an impact on one's impression of a space. Therefore I’ve translated the concept into visuals, rendered & edited the video and consequently created the sound design for it.

This model of an imaginary Analog Synthesizer is the result of a little self-initiated project on deepening my skills in terms of product design and more realistic renderings, without loosing the charme of my minimalistic style approach. Combined - as common - with self-produced sound design.

"Braingum" is a newly-founded brand, producing a fictional brain-enhancing chewing gum, with a target customer base of creative thinkers, artists & programmers. For this fictional brand, I’ve created the visual concept, the 2D logo & 3D models, rendered the advertisement video and eventually edited it — all within a production time of one week. Music by Dubvirus.

Without any doubt, Jean Tinguely’s attempt of bringing several Malevich-inspired paintings with his “metamechanics” series to live, has been a clear inspiration for me since the very moment I saw his work at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Therefore consider this work, as a kind-of-homage to his “Do-it-yourself-sculpture” (1961).

Sound-design work for three promotional videos of The Hague's Border Session Festival 2017, a yearly technology conference and a year-round lab aimed to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavours. The videos have been played, shared and spread on social media and at the festival location. Visuals by Tim Enghardt & Ping-Pong Design.