Hoi! My name is Christian Eckert, and this site is currently under construction.

Christian Eckert

Supported by a sleek design language and conceptual thinking, brought to me at the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Schule for media, design and art in Bremen, Germany, and later on deepened during my Interactive/Media/Design study at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, I strive for creating interior and furniture designs that offer as much required functionality, in the most compressed way possible.

With my strong interest in designing for small spaces, I craft works that are based on modularity and a functionalist design approach. This allows a limited customisation and extensions, to offer a controlled – but personal – experienced with my objects.

Due to my capabilities in 3D modeling and Motion Design, I not only base my concepts on numbers and sketches, but also virtually realise them with 3D software such as Cinema4D, to get an immediate impression of look and functionality.

Besides my interest in office interior, I like thinking about new living concepts and either visualise those or write them down, in order to capture and share my ideas of a possible future scenario.